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Birthdate:Jul 7
I'm an Arashi fangirl and this is my fanfic journal!

My ichiban is Riida, but I love all the rest as well! <3

I read all pairings~ whether they work for me or not largely depends on the story.

My favourite pairings to read (most to least favourite):

-Tennen/Junba/Juntoshi/Yama (same level)

However, it doesn't mean I hate those at the bottom! There's a great Sakumoto that I'm eagerly awaiting updates on (Unconditional Love (It ain't artificial) by akhikaru!) And also there's an amazing Sakumiya from NinoEx 2017 about Nino as an android which I enjoyed thoroughly as well.

This list is just my excitement level based on pairing alone. But if I like the summary of a story I'll jump in too!

Genres I love reading: fluff, comedy, romance, fantasy (since I like these I'm perfectly okay with AUs, in fact I probably prefer it to non-AU sometimes)
Genres I try to avoid: angst (unless happy ending LOL)

Things I avoid reading:
-BDSM/PWP/too much or too heavy sex
-Bashing/self harm

Things I avoid reading in general but have found myself making exceptions:
-mpreg (as long as the technicalities aren't a big part of the plot, and the plot has smth else I enjoy very much)
-het pairings (as long as they're side pairings+they're in nice, fulfilling relationships)

Loves outside of fanfic fandom: ballroom dancing, knitting, crochet, origami, ocarina (6-hole/12-hole), eating, sleeping, singing, reading, drawing sometimes, baking, trying new recipes.

Fun fact: My Chinese name has the kanji character for Sho in it. No kidding, I used to hate it that people always said my name sounded like a guy's, but after finding Arashi ^_^ I feel super lucky <3
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